First Presbyterian Church | Building Partners
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Building Partners

Building Partners

As a downtown congregation, we seek to be faithful to our call to service as a small congregation within this urban environment. Using the resources that God has given us we commit ourselves to our location at 800 Scott Street. We are committed to service through providing space and resources for non-profit community service organizations serving the poor and the oppressed of the city. We are committed to advocacy for and service on behalf of people in need in the city of Little Rock. As we are able, we will provide space and resources to nonprofit community organizations that serve the city. At this time, the following groups are housed in our facility:


Stewpot provides 150 homeless, low-wage, and transient persons with a hot meal every weekday. The Stewpot also provides its guests with clothes and clinical care.

Center for Artistic Revolution (CAR)

CAR is committed to creating a just and peaceful society that respects the value of all people and provides equitable access to civil rights, a democratic process and economic and environmental justices. Among other things, CAR provides support for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth.